Seven Villas Music welcomes a release from label favourites Tigerskin and Alfa State; includes remixes from Neil Quifley and imprint boss, Pablo Bolivar

Seven Villas Music head into 2018 on the right foot with a beautiful package from Alex Krüger aka Tigerskin and Alfa State. The pair have collaborated on the ‘Slippery Roads‘ EP, a two-track release with a very welcome addition of two elegant remixes by Neil Quigley and Pablo Bolivar. Before delving into the tracks, we’d like to appreciate the experience behind the productions; Tigerskin, a Berlin-based artist with dozens of releases and remixes to his name brings his brand of deep and sultry techno to the fray whereas Alfa State, a Canadian artist, leads with the melodious emphasis – blending the perfect combination.

The self-titled ‘Slippery Roads‘ is rooted in its atmospherics, layering waves of dolorous pads in line with grooving toms and  a warmhearted drum sequence. ‘Cymatics‘ slithers into an upbeat-ambient delirium resulting in a delicate but adventurous piece of music. Both remixes from Neil Quigley and Pablo Bolivar are certainly more focused on driving the percussive elements of the originals but at the same time keep that cinematic atmosphere at play, something the Barcelona label does extremely well with all of the music it has released to date.

In conclusion the project omits a sense of sonic exploration and glowing minimal textures – highlighting the very best of Tigerskin and Alpha State, ultimately reaffirming a positive outlook for the Seven Villas Music imprint.

Listen to the self-titled ‘Slippery Roads‘ below and purchase the full EP from Bandcamp



Alfa State