It’s a new year and it’s new beginnings for the Suara imprint who present a thirteen-track, various artists album for 2018

The Barcelona-based Suara imprint will celebrate 10 years of releasing underground dance music in 2018 and with this, they ring in the new year with a staggering 13-track, various artists album. The label has stated it is the perfect moment for them to leave behind the past and embrace the future. ‘Dia Cero‘ is undoubtedly the rebirth of the labels new philosophy and outlook on their future releases – a tentative focus on the most underground sounds of techno music and a nod to Coyu‘s strong stance on keeping the foundations strictly underground. Earlier in the summer we caught up with Coyu in his home of Barcelona, at DGTL, where he touched on his own sound and where he thought the direction of electronic music was heading [interview].

“It’s time to stop being a label that only releases the music that works in the charts” – Coyu

Dia Cero‘ includes plenty of artists, each with something unique and bold to bring to the labels sound but at the same time never strays afar from that deep, techno-based vibe. Personal favourites from the release include the hectic ‘Ego Games‘ by Flug, the rave-scaped ‘Nix‘ by the Ukranian producer Yan Cook and acid-tinged ‘Hypno Pace’ by Alex Krell.

Speaking more in-depth about the change of focus at Suara, label boss Coyu stated “We feel it is the perfect moment to leave the past behind and embrace the future. We start our celebrations this 1st January with “Día Cero”. A release where we emphasize in Techno and Underground.” and he continued that “It’s time to stop being a label that only releases the music that works in the charts, to really start defining the music that will hit the dancefloors in the near future.”

Dia Cero [SCOM029] is available now on Beatport


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