ROOT is an exciting prospect who’s focused on encapsulating an audience with deep frequencies and minimal grooves

Born and raised in the southern hemisphere, ROOT found his love of music at his early years on his hometown Gafsa, inspired by a wide spectrum of genres and styles from Flamenco and Rock with his guitar passing to hip hop with Beat-making , producing his own music with his persona CZR , Experimenting with deep and unique frequencies helping to forge his vision.

ROOT is an artist that believes music has no limits to innovate, inspire and to regenerate a progressive state of motion. He was first initiated to the traditional roots of technological music in his birthplace Gafsa, in North Africa, through the repetitive percussion of the groovy native drummers in Tunisian streets and Sahara’s desert, added with the analogue gears and racks from Detroit to Berghain.

ROOT’s style can be recognized through the originality of the sounds and textures , electronic but still organic, taking you to a designed frequency trip. So far; Bosom, Crossworld records, Welter records, and Psicodelica Label have housed some of ROOT’s much-loved releases. His dynamic style glides effortlessly between the experimental and groovy four to the floor sound perspectives. His formidable style, continues to take him around the world leaving a touch of his magic in every booth he steps in.

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