Boiler Room presents True Music with Ballantine’s. Over the past year, Seth Troxler reached Brazil, Poland & Russia to collaborate, perform and record in cities across the globe

The True Music movement debuted with Maya Jane Coles and this past year saw Seth Troxler invited to feature in the series. This whirlwind journey for the often playful and outspoken American DJ ended up with him completed a huge three-legged journey, with three massive parties broadcast globally, a day-long forum talk and finally, a True Music EP that’s now available as a free download.

Seth traveled to varied parts of the world to take in the differences in cultures and to enjoy the various specialties the countries had to offer. But one factor that stayed true throughout his adventure was that the appreciation of the music resonated between the locations; an important yet positive memento to take away from the experience. All of Seth Troxler’s live shows were broadcast globally, with him appearing alongside the likes of Louie Vega in Salvador, Sofia Rodina in St Petersburg and Craig Richards in Warsaw – all are still available to watch in full.

In between shows and talks, Seth completed productions with fellow DJ’s from that part of the world, namely Julia Govor of Russia, Catz ‘n Dogz of Poland and Renato Ratier of Brazil.  Again, a short film from each encounter is available and they all highlight the vibrant background of the artists Seth worked with, not only documenting their approach to music but also their cultural norms.

Watch Seth Troxler’s encounter with Russian techno producer, Julia Govor and stream the True Music EP

Seth Troxler meets Julia Govor in St. Petersburg

Stream Seth Troxler’s True Music EP

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