Mella Dee continues his Warehouse Music project by combining early musical influences to present his own renditions of the nostalgic past – the ‘Woodlands’ EP

Having grown up in South Yorkshire, Mella Dee’s early musical influences originated from the sounds coming out of warehouses in and around his Doncaster stomping ground. This soon developed into a love of the expanding scene and audio palette from warehouse parties worldwide; hardcore, house, bleeps, techno and everything in between. With a respectful nod to the impact this had on him, Ryan Aitchison sets out to demonstrate his own take on the sounds of the warehouse in a brand new project that’s now onto its’ second release.

Warehouse Music the new imprint by Mella Dee has served up a rough and expansive offering of soulfully-twisted, driven techno in the form of the ‘Woodlands‘ EP. Opening up the release is ‘Take It‘, a sweeping number with a robust 4/4 body summons a charming piano riff accompanied by an expressive vocal sample to fully divulge that classic house vibe. The self-titled ‘Woodlands‘ is of the chest-rattling nature, embodying the thunderous power you’d come to expect from a certain Jeff Mills track, hitting the spot consummately – in a warehouse setting this would simply run riot! Rounding off the EP is a more experimental track expressing acidic tones in a reverberating setting, ‘Paul & Shark‘ goes on to convey a journeyers symphony to bring the curtains down on another well executed release.

You can listen to the title track of the release below. Purchase the ‘Woodlands‘ EP, here.

Mella Dee

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