Succeeding a recent run of much-acclaimed releases by Laurent Garnier, Kölsch and Patrice Bäumel, Kompakt celebrates Speicher 100 with a Various Artists release

The Cologne imprint has firmly cemented itself as one of the go-to labels for hearing the deep, spirited and ambient side of electronic music since its’ inception in the late 90’s. Kompakt boasts an incredible roster of talent with the likes of Kölsch becoming a longstanding ambassador and releasing-artist on the German label. Like with most record companies, and as we touched on earlier, the ‘Cologne Sound’ has undoubtedly been defined and molded by Kompakt , best evidenced by their traditional Speicher release series. Debuting back in January 2001, the instalments of Speicher have come a long way, inviting the likes of DJ KozeNick HöppnerDanny DazeLaurent Garnier and many more to all have their musicality diversified in the rich and melancholy sound we now so strongly associate with the Kompakt.

Fast forward to 2017, the label is celebrating a mighty 100 releases with the newest Speicher offering a Various Artists’ edition that see’s the three founders get together (Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer and Jürgen Paape) along with Jörg Burger. Six tracks of electronic diversity at its’ best, Michael Mayer launches the release into orbit with opener ‘Lout‘, a mesmeric and acid-tinged driving roller. The intermediate of the 100th release is Jürgen Paape’s ‘Rodeo‘, a synth-led, contemporary outing with minimalism at its’ core. Voigt&Voigt opt to take proceedings to new, boundless heights with the otherworldly ‘Leise‘, a track underpinned by its’ haunting vocals and emotionally swelling pads. All in all, a wonderfully captivating release from the leading heads of the imprint that’ll go far in demonstrating the overall motives and characteristics behind the long-lived label.

Speicher 100 is out now available as double 12″ (limited edition) and digital via Kompakt Records


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