James Zabiela

James Zabiela utilises 58 tracks across two mixes, deconstructing and blending them together to create an immersive journey for his Balance 029 mix

Incredibly, it’s been seven years since James Zabiela last recorded an official mix compilation and we speak for many when we say we’re glad he’s back. His return comes in the form of a two-part mix, namely Act 1 and Act 2, for the much-loved Australian outfit, Balance Music. James demonstrates his intricate approach to DJing by spreading his creative touch across two mixes putting both his Pioneer DDJ-RZ and Ableton to use through a back-and-forth mixing strategy.

Featuring two brand new cuts from the man himself, both Act 1 and Act 2 also exhibit the magical touch James has for micromanaging fine details when it comes to his mixing ability. For example, taking what seems like one track, you could listen to its’ constituent parts and be forgiven for not realising it’s from the next; such is the perfect harmony he creates between the foundations of one track and specific elements of others.

When talking in detail about his planning and execution of the project James stated “My mission statement to myself with this project was that I wanted to make something that was rich and textured,” going on to explain, “Something the listener could get lost in. Some people know me for my technical noodling but this really had to be about the music, whilst still challenging myself technically. My focus was very heavily on melody and combining songs that would have ‘conversations’ with each other”. 

Listen to a 20 minute preview from James Zabiela’s (Act 1) Balance 029 mix below

James Zabiela’s Balance 029 mix is available for pre-order and will be available February 9th, 2018.

James Zabiela

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