Brothers’ ICARUS bring back the classic Bristol sound with their stunning new single titled ‘No Sleep’

Bristol-based duo ICARUS have just had their breathtaking new single ‘No Sleep‘ lauded as BBC’sHottest Record In The World‘ leading up to its’ official release this week. A great achievement but a feat that’s already been mirrored on more than one of their recent productions, both ‘Trouble‘ and ‘King Kong‘ also sharing the same success, being played out by Danny Howard and Annie Mac respectively.

ICARUS are concluding a groundbreaking year with ‘No Sleep‘; a track that, in our opinion delivers pure beauty, finely balancing a blend of pop-infused piano keys and reminiscent vocals with boundless pads and a raw, authentic breakbeat. Simply put, ‘No Sleep‘ thrusts you into a dark, yet inspiring dreamscape of eternal beauty.

Their latest musical endeavor continues the often diverse and riveting nature of ICARUS’s sound. The boys have reaffirmed their abilities to produce a broad range of beats to appeal to a plethora of varied audiences with tracks that include their minimal house groover ‘October‘ and ‘Ride This Train‘, an enslaving club floor roller. Despite the diversification in their music, the duo take it right back to the underground with their latest number and we’re excited to share this release with you.

Get yourself a copy of ICARUS’s ‘No Sleep’ via iTunes.