Hugo Massien

Hugo Massien delivers his ‘Ghost Note’ EP on Dusky’s 17 Steps imprint, ahead of supporting the duo on their European tour next year

Hugo Massien has just recently put out his ‘Ghost Note‘ EP on Dusky’s imprint, 17 Steps. The four-track release brings great dynamism to the fray with each production exploring various spheres of the electronic paradigm. Hugo has previously supplied his talents to XL Records and E-Beamz among other outfits, helping elevate his rare and effusively-binding sound. Among the standout names to endorse Hugo is the likes of Annie Mac, Bicep and Roman Flügel before finding his music scouted by Dusky’s A&R scope with last year’s ‘Restart The Sun‘, also released via 17 Steps. The time has now come for the UK producer to deliver his debut EP on the label with ‘Ghost Note‘.

Ghost Note’ is a grooving, break-beat roller accompanied by cyborg acid. ‘Speak To Silence’ pulses with industrial textures and clipped acid oscillations. ‘Broke The Cycle’ blends rave motifs with classic ambient references for a meditative excursion until the Transmat-nodding ‘Messier 77’ marks the EP’s finish with a strong Detroit Aesthetic.

Alongside the EP release, Hugo Massien will be joining Dusky on two dates (Nottingham and Brussels) of their 17 Steps tour that kicks off in 2018. This latest project on the label follows up carefully crafted EP’s from BwanaKiwi and Christian Piers and will soon see Lo Shea rejoin the action with another EP on 17 Steps.

Hugo Massien

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