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Glasgow Underground unveil their new compilation ‘Underground Sound of Glasgow’, celebrating twenty successful years in the music industry.

Curated by Glasgow Underground’s label owner, Kevin McKay‘Underground Sound of Glasgow’ is filled with exclusive cuts from label affiliates and the finest Glaswegian newcomers. Compiled of 15 tracks, the impressive collection of work features tracks from Hammer, JD Twitch, Jasper James, Ceol, Auntie Flo and Kevin McKay himself. Encapsulating the sound of a city across the broad and diverse musical selection, the album takes in influence from the nugroove, italo-house and balearic beats that Kevin fell in love with from his experiences at Sub Club. From Auntie Flo’s downtempo tribal sound, Hammer’s adventurous synth-heavy melodies, Ceol’s 80s groove and Jasper James’ feel-good remix of Romanthony’s ‘Bring You Up‘.

Glasgow is accountable for Kevin’s love affair with house music, citing the likes of  Sub Club and The Tunnel as his inspiration. What went on in the city was different from London and what mattered to fans was whether the music made you feel something incredible; ‘whether that was going berserk on the dance-floor, or smiling your face off or hooking you into a groove and taking you to some frenzied place 10 minutes later’, Kevin explains and each contribution is an example of that.

‘Underground Sound of Glasgow 2017’ will be available November 24th via Glasgow Underground

“The clubs and DJs of Glasgow inspired the label and so I wanted to ask my favourite producers from the city if they would make a track that was specifically designed for the Glasgow crowds,” he explains. “I’m really happy with the result and I think with tracks from the likes of Jasper James, JD Twitch, Hammer, and Domenic Cappello and alongside some brilliant producers that people might not have heard of, you can really hear what Glasgow Underground, and the city itself, is all about right now.

Since its inception in 1997, Glasgow Underground has provided a home for releases from some of the most influential artists of its time; from Romanthony and DJ Q in its earlier years, to the likes of Dixon, Gerd and Motor City Drum Ensemble in its latest form.


  1. JD Twitch – Rock, Roll, Jam
  2. Hammer – Rails
  3. Romanthony – Bring You Up (Jasper James Remix)
  4. Ceol – Give Yourself To Me
  5. Tiptoes – Distress
  6. Illyus & Barrientos – Same Ban
  7. Kevin McKay – You Got Me Down
  8. Big Miz – Great Pyramid Of Geezer
  9. Dalfie – South Paw
  10. RJay Murphy – See Inside
  11. Mateo & Matos – The Real Thing
  12. Domenic Capello – Complex Drift
  13. Jamie Roy – Echoes Of Silence
  14. Mermaids – Something’s Coming
  15. Auntie Flo – Desert Island

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