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Italian producer Rowee joins us for an interview following his ​’Dharmony’ EP, marking a spiritual return to the Rebellion

Rowee tells the story of a deeper soul with his music. His vision as an artist is best portrayed through a mystical journey made of hypnotic grooves, soaring pads and vibrant harmonies. His production style draws in from an impressive analogue studio ranging from Moogs to Modulars Synths; Rowee’s distinctive mark is definitely his sensibility in his sound and direction.

Having recently remixed YousefVanity’ feat. The Angel on Crosstown Rebels, 2017 has marked the start of a new chapter for Rowee, promising a bright future of what is yet to come. He finished the year with another incredibly spirited release on Damian Lazarus’s label.

According to the Italian producer the ‘Dharmony‘ EP  was inspired by the Dharma, “a key concept with multiple meanings in the Indian religions”; the two-tracker is available to purchase via the link and you can stream the self-titled ‘Dharmony‘ below. Rebellion isn’t the only label to open up and host his deep and moving brand of music, he also appears on Crosstown Rebels and German imprint, Poker Flat Recordings.

Get yourself Rowee’s latest release, here

Get to Know: Rowee

Hi Rowee, it’s a pleasure to have you in this interview series. Let’s start by discussing your latest release on Crosstown Rebels, ‘Dharmony’ – What was the process and main influences behind creating this two track EP?

‘Dharmony’ represents for me something really special, a kind of meditation into deep house music. I have always loved melodies since I was young because when you make something that touches your soul with the notes this could live forever.  I am less interested in trends and more focused on pure music that comes from my heart. I would like to translate in music the meditation, a music that makes you dance and at the same time relax yourself.

The B-side to the release (Momento) sees you manipulating vocals from KnowKontrol in a truly mesmerising display. KnowKontrol, a vocalist you’ve worked with previously, how did you come to meet and work together?

Dwayzo Lawrence (KnowKontrol) is first of all a great person with an amazing soul. That’s why we work so well together. I met him 2 years ago, I was so intrigued about his voice; it has been true love at the first listen. I really loved his track with &ME “After Dark” and I was sure that this kind of vocal was perfect for my projects. Sometimes it’s not important to have a powerful voice but it is the intensity that leave a mark.

Marcos In Dub

“Music represents myself, my dreams and my concern”

Your previous productions, particularly under your Rowee alias have always had a deep, melodic and spiritual vibe. We understand you’re very hands on in the studio with hardware; do you find this helps you to translate this sound better as opposed to doing it with a more software-based approach?

For me it is never really a question of hardware or software but really just how do I play the music. If you want to convey something you have to play an instrument, cause the notes you play come from your soul and that is what makes a difference in music. Music represents myself, my dreams, my concern; all things you find inside my songs and this is the real essence. Of course, is important to have a good studio, with good synths and a quality soundcard but first of all my soul and then the rest.

What are your favourite pieces of equipment that you are using in the studio at the moment?

My hardware system (PROTOOLS |HD) at the first place because without this system it is really hard to get the right dynamic on the tracks. Lately I’m working a lot with Minimonsta, Prophet, and some Analog moog. While for the piano I use EFM synths and a Soundcraft Ghost 32 Channels as a studio mixer.

Crosstown Rebels is a great home for the ‘Dharmony’ EP, could you tell us more about your initial meeting with label boss, Damien Lazarus? What’s the story?

I met Damian about one year ago during a party where he played near my house in Tuscany. I found that since the first time I met him I felt a good feeling with him, he’s a really nice person and we can talk about everthing. I was a great fan of his label Crosstown Rebels and I thought that was the perfect home for my projects .. so I shared with him some of my latest works and he really liked them. It’s a true honor to be part of Crosstown Rebels family.

2017 was a reaffirming year for you, what exciting plans do you have for 2018?

A lot of projects are coming to the light really soon, but it’s too early to show you the next exciting plans but I will keep you updated :). Right now, I’m focused on my single “Amaranto” being released a few weeks ago on Crosstown Rebels and Dharmony (EP) on Rebellion. I’m really glad to be part of Poker Flat Recordings “Best Of 2017” as well.

If you had to describe your musical sound through a type of animal, which one would you pick and why?

Black Panther, because it is something between aggressive and elegant at the same time. A bit like the music I love.

Beyond the music, what interesting things do you like to get involved with?

Beyond the music I like to live in my wonderful home town of Tuscany, I live in the middle of this fantastic place in Italy. Around me there are incredible cities like Florence, Siena, places to live every single day. I Love the technologies as well so I really like to discover new things in this world and of course good food always!

And finally, what makes dance music so special to you?

Well as I mentioned before I love all kinds of music with “soul” because you can close your eyes and start to dream. Disconnected from real life and any thoughts “Rushing through the mind”
Thanks for this nice chat, Rowee.