Ramiro Lopez

An artist fresh from his third release on Drumcode; we got speaking with Ramiro Lopez about music industry challenges, his own path into music and the Odd Recordings imprint

Ramiro Lopez, the Spanish techno producer who’s currently in the form of his life, has just recently put out a third release on Adam Beyer’s almighty Drumcode imprint, ‘Being Alone‘ is the three-tracker from Ramiro and is a grand follow up to his ‘Pretending‘ EP that dropped earlier in the year on the Swedish label. Ramiro Lopez, as well as producing his own music, 2017 was the year he co-founded Odd Recordings in an Indo-Spanish partnership with longstanding friend and music colleague, Arjun Vagale.

Ramiro’s dynamic style of raw and futuristic techno is certainly telling in his past few releases, in our interview he emphasizes on the importance of music to not only sound good, but to also tell a story. With this in mind, It’s perhaps not a surprise to see that his previous projects have also been released on labels like SuaraINTECBedrock & Toolroom.

Ramiro Lopez’s Being Aloneis available now from Drumcode

Get to Know: Ramiro Lopez

Hi Ramiro, we’re happy to have you involved, let’s rewind to the early days, what exactly set you on the path to a career in dance music and do you feel your music focus has shifted from the beginnings of your journey?

My introduction into electronic music was through Radio shows. I used to spend the afternoon and nights listen to them during the weekends as I still hadn’t become the minimum age to go to the clubs. But when I really fell in love was the moment I saw a DJ live. The connection with the people, all that energy and magic, it made me want to make this so much.

Your latest EP, ‘Being Alone’ was recently put out on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label, could you tell us a bit about the production process behind the three-track release?

This is my third Drumcode EP and I´m so, so happy, it was my dream for many years to be part of the label, and now it has become real!! The idea was to make a follow up EP after ‘Pretending’ and show an evolution from it. I worked and tested the tracks a lot until I was sure to send to them Adam. Tried to make 3 different tracks but connected at the same time. Adam has been smashing them for half a year too so it´s cool they are finally out!

Ramiro Lopez

Our favourite track of the three is the self-titled ‘Being Alone’, it has some incredibly powerful vocals on the track. Does your approach to writing tracks differ based on the label it is being put out on?

I use to have consideration for the style of the label but now it is more about what I feel as a producer. With Drumcode it’s easy as I feel a real identity with the style of the label so everything flows very easily.

Being an integral player in the underground music scene, what do you think are the biggest challenges that face the industry at present?

Nowadays, the Underground scene is in very good health in my opinion.  Maybe there is such a big offer of artists, parties and labels to choose between that sometimes it’s difficult to get the interest of the audience, however, at the same time this might be a good thing as if you’ve got something special, people will be sure to appreciate it sooner or later.

Ramiro Lopez

At Odd Recordings we try to keep it dark, raw and industrial

Your own imprint, Odd Recordings has been putting out some feisty material of late, most recently an EP from Pleasurekraft. What qualities do you look for in tracks for your label?

We are releasing music that we love and focusing on techno. We try to keep it dark, raw and industrial. We’re being very picky and testing a lot the tracks before we take the decision of signing anything.

With 2017 coming to a close, could you let us know of any exciting plans you have ready for next year, both for you personally and for your label?

My goal for the next year is to keep on learning, improving and developing both as DJ and producer. Meeting new people and making them dance and enjoying their time on the dance floor. Speaking of productions, I will be focus on Drumcode and Odd Recordings. I have the best job ever and it’s my intention to enjoy every minute of it.

Our final question, what does dance music mean to you?

It comes down to love, passion, my life, a way to express myself and a way to connect with others, without words and to have unique feelings.

Ramiro Lopez

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