Marcos In Dub

Marcos in Dub has become one the most influential DJ’s in the Spanish electronic scene and we spoke with him ahead of his ‘Mood’ EP release on Poker Flat Recordings

Marcos In Dub is one of Spain’s most prolific and understated DJ in recent years and, over the course of his lengthy career, he’s established a key sound that’s taken influence from a multitude of genres’ including early 90’s Hip Hop, dubby beats and now more common, House and Techno. With lengthy experience in the music industry developing his talents at small clubs and local radio stations like Ibiza Sónica, Marcos decided to jump deeper into music production, going on to release a plethora of tracks in many digital forms across the globe. Marcos In Dub has always delivered to any dancefloor-  from Cairo to Berlin, to his long time residency at Goa Electronic Parties in his hometown, Madrid and anywhere and everywhere in between.

Marcos In Dub has also worked with several established clubs and parties throughout Spain including Himmel Bar, a deep house and arty proposal also in Madrid; receiving praise and feedback from artists like Laurent Garnier and Damian Lazarus. The Spaniard’s latest production project is his ‘Mood‘ EP, set for release on the reputable German label, Poker Flat Recordings. The package entails two tracks and a remix by Joeski; the EP encapsulates the atmospheres and textures of trance-infused, deep house records and perhaps draws in experiences as his time from being the resident at Madrid’s fiery Goa nights.

You can purchase Marcos In Dub’s ‘Mood‘ EP via Poker Flat Recordings

Get to Know: Marcos In Dub

Thanks for being involved Marcos, could you give us a Little background on you as a producer and how your career started out?

I’ve been spinning records and going clubbing since I was pretty young. In 2000 I started making music using Cubase Sx and the first versions of Reason. I used to experiment and record my friends’ voices. Later on, a friend of mine opened a label with whom I released my first vinyl with. Once I moved to Barcelona I started taking production very seriously and I began surrounding myself with people that had the same urge to learn and share their knowledge. Then when I got back to Madrid in 2007 I opened a studio with a friend, where I started learning and collecting hardware. Later on, Petro got me on board at Goa Electronic Parties where I’ve been playing ever since.

December will see the release of your ‘Mood’ EP on Poker Flat Recordings. What does it mean for you to release on such prestigious underground label?

Poker Flat has been one of the labels that has influenced the most my music path, as is the same to a lot of people of my generation. As an artist it’s such a big thing to release my tracks on this label. It’s also satisfying and a personal challenge: something that I’ve never really thought would happen, but hey, it did!

I’ve bought lots of Poker Flat records, many of them big club hits made by artists that I’ve always admired, producers that started their career here and became big names in the music industry.  To me, Poker Flat is light, strength, confidence… which makes me want to keep on doing what I do even more, especially if I can learn from people I’ve always admired, like Steve Bug.

Marcos In Dub

My tracks are influenced by the music I’ve listened to my whole life, such as jazz, funk, dub and lots of techno

Your production style has an infectious and binding groove, could you tell us how you would usually approach the creation of one of your tracks?

Fortunately I can spend long periods of time in the studio using my hardware. I make quite a lot of music, so I’m free to go from a genre to another constantly. I don’t have preconceptions, but I do have a music style of my own where low frequencies take a big part.

Bass is the leitmotif in my productions and it’s usually the first thing, along with the rhythm, that I start to work with. I love to record sounds myself in the studio or to go out with my recorder to find the ones that suit my ideas. I have a sound library to complement the vintage drum sounds of the 909, 808 and 606. I make my tracks with 100% self-made material, trying to avoid the sound libraries that everyone else uses. I use some analog and digital hardware and record the machines with valves and transistors, merging the best of two worlds supported by technology and all its advantages, trying to use only original self made parts and sounds.

Following on from this question, focusing on the ‘Mood’ EP, how long did the overall process take when constructing the EP and was there a main concept or idea behind the three-tracker?

‘Mood’ is a selection of several projects I sent Steve, where I included new and modern things that I love, plus other older ones with vintage sounds. I think I sent him six to eight tracks and he chose the two ones in ‘Mood’.  I don’t know exactly how long it took me to finish the tracks, but I can tell you that it took a very long time for them to see the light; it was worth the wait.

My tracks are influenced by the music I’ve listened to my whole life, such as jazz, funk, dub and lots of techno –named by my friend Santi Specka as the glue to everything. The main idea is that machines should talk about you, about your experiences, your mood or even your knowledge. Music you create talks about you and your environment.

Marcos In Dub

What plans do you have scheduled for the next few months over the winter period?

Be in the studio as much as I can, as usual, recording and working on tracks and new projects. Winter is the best time to create and finish my modular synth, which I’m building myself soldering parts and components.

I’m making lots of non-dancefloor music with my project Rooteo & Mahura. Doing many remixes with this aka too. We just released an album on Made in Green Records called METTÂ on cassette and 10 inch vinyl. We’re also about to release on LNDKHN. I’m currently working on a remix for Ekkohaus that will be out on a Spanish label, featuring DannyB, Samu, Álvaro Medina and Danielle Nicole.

We’re also waiting for the factory to hand us the vinyl of our first reference on my label Black Wood, on which me and Álvaro Medina will release our projects and others by David Gtronic, Javier Carballo, Dj Wild, plus remixes by Yaya, Dan Farselli or IO Mullen to name a few.

What other hobbies or fun activities do you like to do away from music?

Even though I spend more than 12 hours every day in the studio, when I do go out I like to read, cook, eat well, go to the gym, be with my girlfriend, solder synth parts or research about any interesting matter.

If there’s one musician you had the chance to create a track with, whom it would be and why?

I would like to work with the one that I had a connection with in and outside the studio… I’m not sure if I have the ambition to make music with a specific person. I would choose every artist that I like, of course, but especially one that I’d had things in common and one that I would have fun with.

I think that my knowledge studio wise, would allow me to work with anyone. The results would be even better if both parts would have a similar creative process or feelings into it.  I’ve done lots of things with many people, but the best results usually come out of the partnership between me and artists with whom I spent time with away from the music world.

Our final question is, what makes dance music so special to you?

Music is some kind of life savior in itself. You can hold to it to get out of problems, to escape from everything… you can plunge in its structure and in every aspect to acquire more knowledge.  You can use music to travel, dance, sleep, cure, and interact with people. You can share it with everyone. Music to me is more than a lifestyle; it’s something I need as much as breathing. If it wasn’t for music and everything that comes with it, I don’t even know what I would be doing.


Marcos In Dub

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