Federico Gardenghi

We shared a few words with prodigy Italian DJ Federico Gardenghi, who spoke about his biggest idols in the music industry as well as making exponential gains in electronic music

Paraded by many in the industry as the next big thing and often sought as a wonder-kid, Federico Gardenghi is certainly pursuing things correctly when it comes to amassing opinions in the music world. The 13 year-old DJ has so far lived his life in the vibrant and musically inclined city of Milan; known for its marathon parties through night to day it’s a perfect location for an ambitious DJ to hone his craft, but for one who’s this young? Federico later explains his ground rules in the interview passage. In the last few years Federico Gardenghi has shot to underground fame, attaining the opportunity to first, play at some of the greatest Milanese festivals and events before moving into neighbouring European countries like Spain, Germany, Greece and more recently Malta alongside Fat Boy Slim. With no productions to his name yet, Federico provides his large social followings with live video during sets from gigs he’s scheduled to play at, or simply during home sessions (sometimes back to back with his sister, Sofia).

Many heads have been turned by Federico’s storming assault on the electronic scene at such a young age, so much so that even Carl Cox was quick to praise the growing talent. Not only was praise in order, but an invitation to play alongside him in Ibiza – an invitation that was duly accepted.

Hey Federico, firstly it’s a pleasure to speak with you and put some questions your way – thanks for being involved.

Thanks for reaching out to me guys!

At just 13 years old you now command stages in front of packed out venues in cities across Europe. How did it all begin with DJ’ing and can you tell us a bit about your early moments behind the decks?

I started looking into this music when I was almost 4. I saw a console in a kid’s cartoon and started pestering my parents to see a real one. I got my first headphones when I was 6 and a mini console, a Gemini, was hired for my birthday and the passion kept on growing. I asked to see on the web with the assistance of my parents some tutorials on the deck’s use and I started to learn the tutorial by heart.

Your passion is clear from your videos at performances, we know you are still young but do you see yourself doing this for many years to come?

I love music and I love the technology which goes around the music. I hope so, yes, even though it is hard to see myself in my future. I am only 13 but what I am sure about, is that I would love to keep on ‘dealing’ with the music

Now with almost a quarter of a million fans on Facebook, you are in the firmly in the spotlight. How do you handle your daily life of School and social activities away from the music?

I attend the school like every young boy at my age. My passion does not interfere with the school at all.
I do most of my gigs in the summertime when the school is over and in the wintertime, when I play, this is normally on the Friday or Saturday evening … rigorously before midnight … that’s the rule 🙂

Obviously your father is a prominent figure in your life, particularly when it comes to the music, what other icons in electronic music inspire you to perform?

I love Carl Cox, I love his style, he has been so inspiring to me, I love Maceo Plex and I admire Armin van Buuren incredibly and Martin Garrix, I don’t like his music but I like his strength. They are all idols to me, they do all their gigs with a terrific enthusiasm.

Recently you were invited to open for Fat Boy Slim at Cafe Del Mar in Malta, Norman Cook has performed around the world for many years – how much of an honour was it to play this set?

Oh gosh it has been amazing. I was playing at the same deck of a living legend. Norman has won so many awards and Grammies … it was just awesome to meet him and to play there. And I know he was also listening to my gig … that is the biggest honour I really could never expect.

Your sister Sofia has also got a touch for DJ’ing, do you perhaps see yourselves doing live performances together away from home?

Who knows .. 🙂

Lastly you are performing an incredible amount of gigs at such a young age, what is the next step for Federico, do you think music production and the release of tracks will follow?

I have so many ideas in terms of productions, I think I have hundreds of open projects, maybe one day. Thanks for speaking with me, hope to see you guys soon!

Federico Gardenghi

Federico Gardenghi

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