During the summer we interviewed Coyu ahead of his DGTL Barcelona debut and spoke about his upcoming ‘1+1’ album, the Suara residency shows in Ibiza and some of his favourite artists this year.

During the closing weeks of the summer season we attended DGTL Barcelona, one of the most organised and fun festivals we’ve experienced to date. On that warm and delightful weekend we had the opportunity to speak with Coyu, an artist renowned for his forward-thinking techno music, the founding of Suara; one of the most outstanding underground labels at present and of course, his charismatic nature and affection for cats (see Suara Foundation). Over the years Coyu has produced some out-of-this-world tracks and remixes that have gone down a storm in the House and Techno community and beyond. Early productions such as ‘Raw Sweat‘, a track with UNER and ‘Mike Loves The Horn‘ with Carlo Lio introduced Coyu as a formidable actor in the scene and remixes for Fat Boy SlimStephan Bodzin and Joseph Capriati have all assisted in what has quickly become an illustrious journey in dance music for the Catalan artist.

To this day along with his own musical endeavors Coyu is busy with overseeing music releases from the likes of Bastian BuxLee Van Dowski, Citizen Kain among others on his long-standing Suara label. The Spaniard recently launched his Vinyl only label known as Feline and with only a handful of releases on the imprint thus far, we’re very excited to see how this concept develops in the coming months.

His debut album, ‘1+1‘ has been scheduled for release in early 2018 and during our interview Coyu touches on the challenges he faced during the makings of the LP, detailing exactly just how much effort has gone into undoubtedly the biggest project of his career so far.

Get to Know: Coyu

Hey Ivan, firstly thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How excited are you to not only be playing at DGTL but back in your home city of Barcelona?

No problem. It’s actually my first time playing DGTL but yes, it’s always great to play in my hometown. People here have known me for many many years and they like what I do, they respect me and have shown so much support too. I’m very excited to play, I actually saw a video from last night of Michael Meyer and Kölsch going back to back and they played a track of mine so I’m very happy about this.

Over the past few months there has been a huge discussion in the industry over tech-house and the various forms that are developing, we’d love to know your opinion on the current state of it?

To be honest I feel that I’m very far away from tech-house at the moment and I do not like the direction it has headed for the last year. Myself, along with the Suara label have decided to not follow the trend, I see it has gone too mainstream, too commercial – it’s music for the masses and it is getting ruined.

“I’m very far away from tech-house at the moment and I do not like the direction it has headed for the last year”

It’s a shame because it’s a great genre, I always liked to play tech-house but not so much anymore. I am closer to House or Techno in their own right, I’m going back to my roots where if I play Techno it’s more Detroit where as House it’ll be more funky. Overall I’m satisfied with the music I play and in general it is more underground for sure.

This summer Mixmag premiered the lead track from your ‘1+1’ album. It’ll be a debut LP from yourself arriving in early 2018. What were the main challenges for you when producing the album?

It was a big challenge. I like it in some ways, a lot of pressure sure, but it was good pressure. It’s a project I have been working on for many years and last year I decided 2018 had to be the year for my debut album. The first single has been released and I will aim to have a second single released towards the end of the year.

..How many tracks are going to be on the final album? Are they tracks from various years throughout your career?

I still don’t know how many tracks. Some of the productions are ones that I started many years ago, the lead single ‘1+1‘ is actually from two years ago. It’s going to be a mix between old and new material and musically it’s going to be defined as electronic; some house, techno and other stuff.

For someone coming to see you perform at a place like DGTL or at your residency night (Privilege, Ibiza), how would you best describe a Coyu set?

I think it’s very difficult to describe my sound, it depends on the type of party I play, where it is located – it can be very different. For example, today on the main stage my set will be completely different to what I will play at Nitsa club for the after party. Later I will play more funky and subtle changes will be made, so yes everyday is different. You can expect to dance a lot. I play a lot of a records and it’s always about dancing and having fun!


Okay, let’s talk a bit about Suara, your label and the residency party it has endured throughout the summer at Privilege club in Ibiza. How have you found it?

It’s been good. It’s another tough challenge for Suara as a brand, against huge competition on the island. Ibiza is a mecca for all the ravers and electronic music, and it is hard but we have been trying our best and we are definitely going to survive. Our aim is to give the clubbers who attend our parties a great night and to go back home with a smile on their faces. We’ve had a great response this season considering the other parties that are happening. I play tomorrow and it is my birthday so I feel good about this upcoming show.


What is the strangest or funniest thing you have seen when on tour?

Oh so everyday at different parties, you come across a variety of different weird and wonderful people. Maybe about four or five years ago I was playing in this very small, secluded venue. I was just playing my records as I usually do and I then saw a guy, a strong guy and definitely a male but he just had super-huge boobs. He had a beard, everything you would expect from a guy, but just big boobs. It was just a bit crazy, not something you will see every day that’s for sure.

It’s 2017, the year is flying by and you must have heard a lot of really cool tracks. Do you have a favourite release or artist from this year?

As you know I play very different styles so it’s hard to answer. I have a few favourite artists, I like what they are doing for example Vaal, Regal and Red Axes, they are putting out some amazing stuff. I have to mention Patrice Bäumel too and really all the music from Afterlife. Some exciting times for the label and these artists.

Most labels, brands and collectives are simply just about music, but Suara is different isn’t it, please tell us about the other side to the imprint.

Well, I decided to set up the Suara Foundation with my girlfriend, we aim to get cats off of the streets and give them a second chance, give them proper company, a real home. For the first time we have a physical location for the foundation located here in Barcelona. The project is something I’m very proud of and happy to be involved with. I hope more and more people recognise the good work we do and come and see the foundation for themselves.


Okay, so our final question to wrap up the interview is one we ask all of our guests. What makes dance music so special to you?

Dance music is my life, I want to play records forever. I am still young, I turn 32 tomorrow so I see retirement still being very far away. I’m thankful to do what I love and share great moments with so many people.

“Dance music is my life, I want to play records forever”