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Alex Niggemann spoke to us about the growth of his AEON imprint as well as the upcoming VA ‘Lost Tapes’ Vol.2 release this November.

Alex Niggemann, a successful DJ, producer and label boss. The Berlin-based artist has had quiet the career so far with a creative style that many producers aspire to replicate. His continued development as a techno artist not only rests on his individuality through his own productions but also through his AEON label that’s become a pivotable platform in not only pushing his own music but unearthing some incredible newcomers to the scene. Launched in 2013, the AEON imprint has gone on to become an event series and was most recently active at this years’ Amsterdam Dance Event. Ultimately, Alex has stated his aims for the label is to build a artistic platform that can best translate peak DJ sets that he plays, providing the classic spirit of both timeless house and techno.

In our exclusive interview with Alex we discuss the latest Various Artists release titled ‘Lost Tapes‘ Vol.2 as well as an outlook on the future of the ever-expanding project of the Watergate artist.

VA ‘Lost Tapes‘ Vol.2 is available via AEON, November 10th.

Get to Know: Alex Niggemann

November marks the second VA release on your AEON label. ‘Lost Tapes Vol.2’ features a blend of regular members on the label mixed in with some newcomers – what’s yours and the labels usual process for discovering new talent?

The good thing, when you have some long-term family members, it multiplies the chances of discovering new music. Denis Horvat and Speaking Minds also do research and get music from friends, so it isn’t only on me in the end. Radeckt for example was introduced by Denis. Besides this our label manager and I always listen to demos and speak to artists who sent them, even if the music doesn’t really fit. I think that kind of way increases the chances to get the right music and characters added to our musical roster.

Back in 2013 you decided to found the AEON label and brand. What have been the main challenges you’ve faced while running AEON alongside your own commitments as a global DJ yourself?

Well, in the beginning the label was run only by myself, so besides a lack of time, obviously it was quite a challenge to build up a roster with people that share the same musical taste and vibe. We were new, finding people to release on your label and convincing them about its strategy and the long-term goals isn’t an easy thing. But the good thing about it is, that when you finally have these people on board, you know you are with the right ones.

alex niggemann

Obviously building up artists takes a lot of time and effort and therefore the first years it was a bit more work than now. Denis Horvat and Speaking Minds have now developed their own individual profile after several releases on AEON and other labels, which we also made sure that they do. It makes life now, after 5 years, so much easier. They have their individual fan basis, which helps promoting their releases and makes life easier when it comes to organizing line-ups for label events.

We’ve listened through ‘Lost Tapes Vol.2’, the VA release has got a lot of incredible music on it, from both established and new artists; is there a favourite track for you from the release?

No. I love all of them.  I’m such a perfectionist, when it comes to my own productions same as when it comes to selecting tracks to be released. I really wanted to make sure, we show the whole diversity of music we like and stand for on this compilation. Every track could stand individually, but also isn’t in any competition to another on the VA. It’s good to have that diversity, as it gives me a lot of possibilities to play AEON music at a verity of events or different set times. I play all of them as much as I can.

You’ve hosted several AEON nights at some of the worlds’ most sought-after locations, only recently in Amsterdam for ADE, what’s been your favourite label party to date?

We choose our locations pretty carefully, as we wanna make sure the vibe of club/event/promoters fits our own thought of how a party should be. So I’m proud to say, that we didn’t really had a single bad or “soso” event yet. Our last events in London, Berlin and Beirut have just been nuts…not to forget our early sold out event at ADE. It was just amazing. The whole team, promoters and the crowd was simply fantastic.

alex niggemann

The upcoming VA includes a new track from yourself titled ‘Serenity’, dark and ethereal in its way, what was the inspiration behind this production?

The good thing about a VA is, that you can deliver one track, that doesn’t necessarily need to be what you usually do. This track was made without any thoughts behind it and just came out like that from scratch. So this is neither my new style nor what AEON will be representing from now on always. It’s just a track from another sub genre that I musically really like, but don’t get the chance to play out very often.

With a plethora of hot property on the AEON’s books, what’s your continued vision for the label – any plans you can tell us about?

Obviously we want to spread our musical idea and passion as much as we can. Growing is a part from it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean roster wise, it is more about having the chance to represent what we stand for and what we love more often. For 2018 we already have more label events scheduled for the first half of the year than we had throughout 2017. That helps us a lot in showing and growing audience-wise. We will also turn 5 years in 2018 and will do a proper tour with our artists, release some special EP’s and albums therefore, mirroring where we came from and what we do now and how the future of AEON will look like.

On a personal level you released your two-track ‘Legacy’ EP on AEON earlier in the year, what projects are you currently working on?

I’m finally back in studio since a quite rough year not having much time and not even having a studio for quite a while due to a water damage. There’s a lot of EP’s that I’m working on at the moment for AEON and other labels. I also finished an album for another project and there will be some collaborations with the AEON team.

If there was one track you could play to win over a tough dance floor, what would it be?

I find it quite tough to say, that there’s that one track, you get anyone onto your side. To be honest, it depends on the crowd as well. I have a few for that in the box and every dj should have, but I prefer to not let people know in advance.

Our final question, what makes dance music so special to you?

I still believe music of any kind changes life. You can have a rough day, music makes you feel better, it seems like it almost understands you. No matter in which mood you are, it always makes you feel (even) better.

Alex Niggemann

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