Adeline, the Swedish artist who now resides in Spain, joins us for an exclusive interview ahead of her performance at DGTL Barcelona

Adeline is a Swedish DJ that rocks a unique and lovable style behind the decks that’s resulted in a growing fan base around the globe. An artist with considerable depth of knowledge in the underground scene with an expansive portfolio of accomplished ventures on her career in music thus far. The petite Adeline is a well traveled artist who’s widely known for her work in her native Sweden as a proficient Radio host, Vocalist and Curator for Soundcloud. Having played around the world in various cities, Adeline has held down residencies in Ibiza and her style consists of  hypnotizing chords, warm basslines fluttering melodies in conjunction with her very playful vocals. It’ll come as no surprise to know she’s attracted support from key players like Jamie Jones, M.A.N.D.Y, Damian Lazarus and David August in recent years.

This weekend Adeline will get the opportunity to perform at the third edition of DGTL Barcelona, the festival, set to be another groundbreaking year, will host a pletheura of the worlds most indemand DJ’s including Jeff MillsMarcel Dettmann Seth Troxler (See full lineup, here). DGTL Barcelona is also promising to be one of the greenest editions yet, bolstered by its core fundamental projects: the DGTL Art and DGTL Revolution programs. In more detail, this years’ actions will focus on urine recycling, bike rental alternatives to other transportation, the promotion of vegetarian foods and the refreshing ‘Food Makers’ project; a concept focused on refugee input. You can read more about the DGTL Barcelona and it’s plans in our recent article.

Watch Adeline perform in Mixmag’s NYC lab and read the full interview below.

Hey Adeline, firstly thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us, we appreciate you being involved.

Thanks for having me!

We’d like to begin by asking you about your roots in dance music. How did you find breaking into the scene in Sweden and could you tell us the story behind how you and La Fleur linked up?

I started out playing clubs in Stockholm around 2006 and then I started throwing my own nights. House and techno were not so big at that time, it was during the glory hip hop days, and Sweden’s always been a rock nation. So it was somewhat about breaking new ice and experiment with what worked and not. I met La Fleur through a DJ network in Stockholm and we decided to start our own club night together and with that we became a duo, Housewives.

You’re now a well traveled DJ, having worked and lived around the world in locations such as New York, Berlin, London and now Ibiza. What was it like leaving Sweden for the first time, elements of fearing the unknown, excitement or both?

It was always combined with scary excitement whenever I left or travelled somewhere, but intuitively I knew I had to do it. I’ve always been motivated by growth and thought that if I feel fear, it’s a sign I have to do it. There’s really no turning back with that kind of mind set. I grew up in a multi cultural family so I probably got some of the world citizen persona with me from the start as well.

How does your background in radio coexist with your DJ commitments, has it opened up more opportunities as a result? We understand you’ve completed various vocal works.

It’s been fun to do radio because I got to meet new people, and I enjoy making interviews and telling stories. I’m not hosting any show at the moment however  as I’ve decided to focus on my studio work. I do vocals for my own music and shows, and sometimes I’m also collaborating. Latest together with Maher Daniel for his debut album.



What new projects have you been working on recently that you can let us know about?

I have a lot of new material that I’m in the process of signing. There will be a lot coming from me in the near future and I need to keep it close for the moment.

On August 11th you will play at DGTL Barcelona for the first time. What excites you most about being able to showcase your music at this festival?

Different venues and environments inspire me to play and create differently. And I love it when my understanding of music is growing because I’m able to take a new perspective. I’m really excited to play on Friday, because it’s a fantastic opportunity to play in front of a big crowd in an open outdoor space. When I imagine the sounds I want to hear in such a context it gives me new inspiration to create.

The strong inclusion of emerging technologies and core focus on sustainability (Revolution program) by DGTL is admirable; do you feel the brand and other festivals can soon achieve ‘zero waste’ events?

Yes I believe it’s possible. The world is getting more and more aware and the technology is ever developing. I’m vegetarian myself so I really appreciate the “Going Veggie” theme, the environmental costs we save from not eating meat are monumental. If you didn’t see the documentary ‘Before The Flood’, check it out!

What artist appearing at DGTL Barcelona would you most like to perform a B2B set with?

That would be Mano Le Tough or Seth Troxler.

Finally, what makes dance music so special to you?

It moves my soul, makes my heart sing and just grooves my life in general. Just an all around bangin’ friend and lover.