Gardens of God

It’s been a year of consistent, high-quality techno for Sodai and what better way to celebrate than a release from imprint boss Gardens of God

After several releases over the past few months from the likes of RaxonTalassa Barda and Alex Krell we now welcome the deep and enigmatic ‘Maple‘ EP from Gardens of God. Ever since his debut EP on Maceo Plex’s masterful Ellum label, the Lithuanian beatmaker has gone on to perform globally, playing at some of the most sought-after techno events and festivals. The Vilnius producer, whilst focusing on his demanding tour schedule, has put forward some fantastic talent on the Sodai brand and now he’s stepped up with his own three-track package.

“These three tracks represent what I’ve been playing and enjoying since River / Ghost was released last year. No compromises, just for people to get lost in”

‘Maple‘, the title track of the release is full of dark undertones and gritty textures and is before long, dominated by an evolving arpeggio synth. Atmosphere is what Gardens of God has expertly nailed and various effects spiral around the full bass drum and stannic percussion of the opener. Second up is ‘Whistler‘, a sweeping 909 kick marred by a coating of weighty synth basses and alarming sounds add up to throw you into the depths of dark and futile surroundings. A powerful track! Rounding off is ‘Bek‘ – directly stimulating rave-ready nostalgia with its’ acid-focused base and awry drums, the closing track is open to a thousand and one interpretations with its’ transcendent, yet dingy appeal.

‘Maple‘ is now available on the Sodai imprint via Beatport

Gardens of God

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