Following a hectic finish in 2017, we caught up with Öona Dahl to hear about the tracks she’s been rocking in her deep and emotionally-binding sets

Oona Dahl is an artist who never fails to encapsulate a crowd with her adventurous mixing style; exposing music from all corners of the electronic spectrum. Since launching her career as a musician she’s had a long-standing relationship with Hallucienda, a collective responsible for releasing her debut album and has also continued the affinity well into 2017 with her ‘Treescry‘ single. Perhaps most notable is her deep-rooted connection with the All Day I Dream imprint, founded by Lee Burridge. An incredible catalogue of releases sit with the label and by large, Oona Dahl has contributed massively to that success and has featured throughout the ADID events around the globe, spreading the vibrant tones and melodic goodness we’ve come to expect from her.

The activity of Oona stretches further than her solo project and extends to Slumber, a duo with her friend Amber Cox. It’s an outlet that’s been inspiring and has enabled the communication of her sound to broaden into an array of different forms. Slumber has released on labels like Motek and Rhythm Cult; certainly a project to keep an ear out for.

Our final words are ones of gratitude to Oona for being involved. We’ve been fans of her sound and performances ever since we heard ‘Let The Light In‘ (All Day I Dream) and it’s a pleasure to welcome five strong track choices from the American DJ and producer.

Listen to Oona Dahl’s 2017 set at Burning Man for Mayan Warrior

1. Second-Hand Satellites – Orbit 1.3 [Hallucination Recordings]

“This is that special kind of record that resonates with the deepest dance floors every time. All the versions are amazing but this one sticks out the most. I have a personal relationship with this record in more ways than one. It’s the perfect example of a timeless track and I often find myself weaving it in and out of my sets like the tides.  Many can stand by me that this is one of the best (deep) techno records of all time.

2. Skream – Face Down in the Water [Of Unsound Mind]

“This was my anthem for summer. There is an epic, cinematic feeling to this track that speaks like no other I’ve heard in quite some time. The tracks build up and urgency of the strings brings you on an emotional journey like you’ve finally had the enlightenment you have been searching for.”

“This is a peak track but I also love to close with it too. Immediately after hearing this I became a huge advocate of Skream. I’m a firm believer in everything he does as a DJ and a producer.”

3. Newman – A Walk in the Plains [Tale & Tone]

“When I first heard this track it was the vocal that captivated me. It was a cognitive itch, the feeling I heard that voice before. Finding that right element that brings all the sounds together in perfect unity. The track as a whole brings you into its world filled with landscapes and rhythmic tribal beats. The title says it all. Happy that its finally released for the world to hear it.”

4. The Future Sound of London – North Arctic []

“It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include an ambient electronica track here. When it comes to DJ sets some of my most favorite moments are when I’m playing a party where we are winding down (or up) and journeying through the depths of our minds.”

“The Future Sound of London is my go to artist to fill any space with pure auditory illusion and enigmatic magic. I picked this track out of their “ENVIRONMENTS II” collection, but to really get the full immersive experience I recommend listening to the album in full, start to finish.”

5. The Juan Maclean – The Brighter the Light (Octo Octa Remix) [DFA]

“Seriously when I first heard this song I was hooked. Its one of those tracks you can drop at the club or just listen to in your car and still get down. Its a tried and true raw groove that still feels sweet and romantic. Octo Octa is a pure standout as a producer right now and this remix is a perfect example. Bringing in an old school vibe with a refreshing take on modern left-field house. “

Öona Dahl

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