Charlotte de Witte

Following on from her initial release on Dutch label Mary Go Wild, Charlotte de Witte returns to the imprint with the ‘Closer’ EP – further establishing herself as part of the new school techno landscape.

Charlotte de Witte is back on Amsterdam-based Mary Go Wild with an enthralling three-tracker titled ‘Closer‘, released so soon after her high-velocity ‘Voices of The Ancient‘ EP earlier in the year. The dynamic assortment of tracks in the package all accommodate a dark and delirious aura, fit to serve a vast spectrum of no nonsense techno parties.

Closer‘ looks to unlock the doors to a spooky-filled seven minutes of boundless, acid-tinged techno. Obscure pads set in their own diaphanous structure reinforces the entirely personal and unsettling vocal samples it so strongly occupies. With ‘Nothing‘ we’re taken on a journey consistent of chugging acid entrenched with softly spoken words immersed with heavy reverb among other timely processed features like the roaming synth intonations. Lastly we have ‘Motion‘, another deep and dark roller that possesses an element of beautiful monstrosity; offering a rigid and pounding drum sequence only to be met by the cavernous and lucid synth melody that’s so delicately layered over it. This is a winning track for us. Charlotte de Witte has once again put out a beautiful EP, demonstrating her mastery of techno, keeping it dark yet still inflicting her emotional touch from such industrial sounds. Get Charlotte de Witte’s ‘Closer‘ EP from Beatport now.

Charlotte de Witte picks her top five favourite tracks for Dance Vici.

Charlotte de Witte

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