Billy Turner

Billy Turner further cements his emerging status as one of techno’s brightest newcomers with the ‘Nocturnal Subconscious’ EP on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings imprint.

The young and exciting talent that is Billy Turner burst on the underground scene mere months ago thanks to an initial break offered by Of Unsound Mind head honcho, Oliver Jones. Since this introduction Billy has taken everything in his stride, with a wide range of established artists all supporting his heads-down and direct style of techno production. The likes of MonkiScuba and now Tiga have shown tangible support by either playing out his tracks, providing an outlet for him to play his music (Monki & Freinds) or signing his music to their label. Despite it being early days with Billy Turner’s career in music, he’s already notched up releases for Skream, as previously mentioned, Dense & Pika with his ‘Resolution‘ EP and now on Tiga’s experimental imprint, Turbo Recordings.

The ‘Nocturnal Subconscious‘ EP contains four tracks from Crawley-based Billy Turner and looks to extend his rapidly adopted production style of deep, hypnotic and driven techno. In a recent interview with Turbo Recordings Billy explains the reasoning behind the EP title..

Nocturnal’ means being active at night & ‘Subconscious’ is the part of the mind you’re not fully aware of but it influences your actions or feelings. I have really vivid dreams most nights & feel like they somehow find their way into my music“.

The release is introduced with ‘Break Through‘, a track aptly named to perhaps acknowledge his recent chance in the industry and one that gives the EP the leverage it so duly deserves; a mesmerising 4x4 industrial beat with chilling pads and a spell-binding melodious tones. Moving on to ‘Dream Come Trouw‘, a personal favourite of ours, the low-swung beat offers a fabulously infectious groove, this ones all about the inter-flow between the weighty kick and cumbersome bassline. ‘Raisin‘ is a disturbingly dark and adventurous tune that’ll be sure to transport any listener to the boundless depths of techno heaven (or hell?!). Rounding off the four-player is ‘You Hurt Me‘, a track that for us that holds the most emotion out of the lot, the chugging beat, followed by slowly evolving pads and atmospherics launch this into an ethereal frenzy of ardent mystery.

The ‘Nocturnal Subconscious‘ EP is available via Turbo Recordings on November 24th.


Billy Turner

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