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Klockworks has become a reference point for what modern day techno has become and for its milestone 20th release Ben Klock has curated a 20-track compilation by various artists.

With the 20th release for Klockworks fast approaching, Ben Klock, the techno connoisseur, decided to bring together a selection of talented artists (including the late Trevino) that have featured on the label as well as a range of up-and-coming artists to all put out a track on the mammoth release. The intentions of Klockworks 20 is for it to play out as an album with a varied range of musical diversity from deep atmospheres, to left-field to acid and house. Strong support by DVS1 and Etapp Kyle, both protégées of the label who tour alongside Klock, each deliver their own tracks and suitably demonstrate their incredible talents on the LP. Heiko Laux as well as Benny Rodrigues who created his alias ROD to release Klockworks 07 (2011), go outside the box to contribute dream-like melodies. While Steve Rachmad, under his more techno-centered alias Sterac, and the artist behind Klockworks 18, Jay Clarke, both present a hypnotic intensity.

Trevino’s (aka Marcus Intalex) legacy remains with his stunning contribution, a track he entitled ’Sombre Tones’ that Ben Klock has been using so far to open each Photon set as well as the event series official video. Dax J, one of techno’s rising stars is included as a new face to the label as well as Jon Hester, Troy de Lugt, Ritzi Lee, Reus, High Position, Yoikol, and Adam Craft. Newa, a female artist joining the roster from Tbilisi who will also be returning soon; and Vincent, having the honor to deliver the closing track, finishes off with an unmistakable house jam to illuminate any dance floor. The impressive three-double EP package is due out at the end of September and includes artwork created by Ben Klock who is responsible for each Klockworks record design to date.

A1 / 1. Etapp Kyle – Essay
A2 / 2. Jon Hester – Let’s Go
B1 / 3. Adam Craft – Aphite 49
B2 / 4. Sterac – Lately
C1 / 5. Ben Klock – Twenty
D1 / 6. DVS1 – In The Middle
D2 / 7. Trevino – Sombre Tones
E1 / 8. Newa – Dance Of The Warrior
F1 / 9. Dax J – Late Night Mistress
F2 / 10. ROD – Extra
G1 / 11. Sterac – Scientific Methods
H1 / 12. Troy – Flux
H2 / 13. Heiko Laux – Dark Fader
I1 / 14. Jay Clarke – Perdita
I2 / 15. Ritzi Lee – Substract
J1 / 16. Reus – Acid Modo
J2 / 17. High Position – Cops
K1 / 18. Yoikol – Dense
K2 / 19. Adam Craft – Pacelane
L1 / 20. Vincent – How I Feel

Expected release of Klockworks 20 is September 25th, 2017 and will be available on Klockworks.

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