Basti Grub

Basti Grub’s Time LP, an expressive release demonstrating his mastery of eerie moods and infectious grooves arrives on Aprapta Music

The German beatmaker, Basti Grub is a producer of many styles with a backlog of tracks that dip into house, techno and everywhere in between. Aprapta Music have acquired the talented producer and host his fifth album, ‘Time‘. The LP is seven tracks of some of the most profound music we’ve heard in a long time. Rich details and organic sounds are the backbone to this release and it’s a truly joyous listen from start to finish. With releases on the likes of Desolat,Suara, Digital Traffik, and more, it’s clear to appreciate the diversity of Basti’s sound design and approach to his productions.

The album is initiated with ‘Apollina‘, a track with natural characteristics; a calming drum sequence with soothing water sounds, a beautiful opener. ‘Lerasin‘ looks to utilise a minimal style with a sedative, gyrating flow it seemingly possesses. Other notable selections from the track are ‘Blob‘ with its’ evolving vocal cuts and dynamic chords along with ‘Fey‘, a track that epitomises a true display of melodious rhythm through rotund bells and an all-round infectious cadence. Listen to all the tracks from this inspiring release below.

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Basti Grub

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