Alex Stein

Brazilian techno star, Alex Stein joins the series to deliver five of his favourite dance floor shattering tracks.

Alex Stein is a Brazilian techno artist based in Germany who’s been able to establish a strong audience following who uniquely identify with his fanciful hybrid of South American and German influenced industrial sounds. AN all round music lover and DJ, Alex has worked his way into the realms of the greatest techno artists around, he’s currently at the top of his game with recent releases on the likes of Suara and Tronic.

A typical Alex Stein set would be comprised of melodious breaks and calming tones encompassed by dark and metallic drum hits and kicks; A truly carnival atmosphere in a derelict setting. Having played around the globe at various clubs and a strong link with many world renowned artists, we felt it was a great opportunity to host five track selections from Alex.


1. Cold Burn – Molly (Gregor Tresher Remix)

“A very powerful track! Love to play it and have done so a few times over the last few months. Worked every single time. The breakdown is very subtle and it puts a smile on people’s faces when the bass suddenly comes back, just a banger!”

2. Victor Ruiz – Voyage

“Another great tune by my great friend Victor. Ever evolving bass synth with a string that gives the whole track a larger than life feeling, a real banger for the floors as well, but with a lot of feeling and soul.”

3. Alex Stein – Zeit (Unreleased)

“Have been playing this track in all of my sets and really happy with the feedback I’ve been getting. I love the big sub bass that keeps evolving and the main drop that has all the people with their hand the air. Out in November on Senso Sounds!”

4. Oliver Huntemann – Rotlicht

“Absolute bomb from Oliver, have been playing this a lot and it sure rocks the dance floor. The siren creates a very moody atmosphere as it brings you higher and higher until the cutting synth announces what’s about to come. Love it.”

5. Kalil – Askin

“Groovy Techno from my friend Kalil. This track is quite simple but very effective. As it gets stripped down to only the vocals, it’s very recognisable and works very well on the dance floor.”

Alex Stein

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