Alex Krell

Lithuanian artist Alex Krell shares five of his favourite tracks to follow up his debut release on Garden of Gods’ imprint, Sodai.

Alex Krell is the emerging techno artist out of the Lithuanian countryside, having perfected his sets with extensive shows in and around his home country, Alex has now began to attract deserved attention with his dark and robust techno productions. His latest release, ‘Parallel Seduction‘ contains four adventurous tracks, each with their own appeal from shimmering synth lines, rumbling bass tones through to driving percussive elements. The EP has been picked up by Garden of Gods and is now available on the respected Sodai label. Many artists claim an intriguing and often compelling backstory and with Alex Krell, this perhaps plays out the same; a self-confessed petrol head who publicly states Queen, Nirvana and Led Zeppelin as being his core influences. He also loves driving his tractor – yes – you read that right, it’s tractors and techno for this Baltic producer!

Below are the five tracks he’s decided to single out as being an integral part of his performances with a mixture of music from some good friends, Gardens of God and elsewhere. We’re really happy with his choices and will certainly be listening out for them.

Alex Krell’s ‘Parallel Seduction’ EP is available to purchase via Sodai.


1. +plattform – Sour

“I just can`t imagine my DJ sets without this track. I’ve known this guy for a while and he`s delivering some proper, hypnotic techno straight from Norway. That SH101 synth is just killing me. A real bomb.”

2. Michal Jablonski – Left Object

“I play this either at the beginning or at the end of sets. I have been following this guy for a while and I can say that Michal Jablonski is definitely one to watch for 2018.”

3. Undveld – Lurker

“My Lithuanian friend who has been producing for just a few years and already bangs up some proper nothern techno sounds. Deep, hypnotic and if you play it just a little bit faster – it becomes an ultimate dancefloor bomb.”

4. Gardens of God - Bek

"When it comes to Gardens Of God - i already know it's going to be a track that I will love. Bek is one hell of a track and I really hope that it will be released soon and people will hear this monster as soon as possible."

Coming soon on their Sodai imprint

5. Evigt Mörker - FIende

"Evigt Mörker is one of my favourite acts from the Northern Electronics label and this track totally fits my style."