Dance Vici

Dance Vici is an online music platform and publication dedicated to supporting an array of artists in the world of electronic music. Expect regular content detailing artist’ tracks and albums, features and podcasts. Our ethos for the Dance Vici project is the belief that boundaries in music should not be limitations to what we can share. The music we promote is by no means genre-specific and we really are open to hearing all tracks that are sent into us.

The project began officially in late 2016, we began by sharing tracks and expressing our opinions on them, progressing to events and soon, festivals. Fast forward two years and we’ve achieved a lot in what we initially set out to do. The Dance Vici collective has taken us beyond our original expectations, traveling to various events around the UK, mainland Europe and Ibiza right through to providing detailed coverage on the festival front for the DGTL brand in both Amsterdam and Barcelona among other great festivals.

The artist features we host and continue to host are a fantastic insight into some of the great DJ’s and Producers in the electronic music industry we’ve been able to work with. Over time we’ve built up great relationships with various key industry players and we look continue working with them on future projects. The future outlook is a positive one for Dance Vici, looking to extend its’ reach through various other avenues. 

If you have any further queries or wish to submit a track or album you think we should review or share, don’t hesitate to get in touch through the Contact page.

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